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  • What is meant by "Mixed Teams"?

Teams must be a mix of male and females. All teams must consist of 4 athletes, and may be a combination of the following;

- 2x men /2x women ; 1x man/ 3x women; 3x men/ 1x women

  • What type of movements can I expect in the Team Challenge events?

Functional movements such as squatting, pushing and pulling, as well as cardio work including running, Outrigger paddling and swimming. 

  • I am not very fit but I would still like to compete?

No problem! We have introduced a new Beginners category for our novice athletes who may have limited fitness experience but still have a can-do attitude.

  • What if one of my team members are injured during the event, are substitute athletes allowed to join our team in this instance?

Unfortunately not, once the first team event kicks off ,no substitutions will be allowed in the event of an injury. This is to ensure for a fair playing field for all other teams.

  • Is there a Masters category?

No, there is no Masters category. We have found that age and fitness level is not always the most important factor in the success of a team, but rather your ability to work together as a team. our oldest competitor to date was 65 years old, and turned out to be one of the toughest competitors on record. Don't let your age stop you!

  • What if I can't swim or have never paddled before?

No worries, the swim leg forms part of team event where one nominated person on your team will complete them. We suggest teams delegate their legs according to your team members' abilities and strengths.Many teams that partake are novice paddlers, so it makes this event an exciting one for the entire playing field. If you have never paddled a traditional outrigger canoe before, you won't be only one.

  • Athlete disputes and objections during events - what are the processes regarding penalties?

Time penalties are applied to teams if all judges are in agreeance and in support of the said dispute by another team.

  • What is the refund policy if my team is registered but is unable to compete on the day?

No refunds will be issued in the event of death or injury of a team member deeming the team unable to compete as a complete team. It is your responsibility to find a suitable replacement for your team member or entire team before event registration at 4pm on November 7th 2024. No team will be allowed to compete with less than 4 athletes.

  • I don't want to compete but I would love to be a volunteer, is that possible?

Yes for sure, we would love to hear from you if you would like to volunteer in one of the following teams; 

- Rigging (set up) : Must be physically capable of moving and lifting heavy equipment and objects

- Judging : Must have a Level I CrossFit Certificate or have completed a CrossFit Judges course. Proof to be submitted.

- Scoring : Must be competent in scoring and proficient with numbers. Experience in fitness event scoring preferable.

- Weightlifting competition : we require 4x loaders who are familiar with competition plates.

To enquire about any of the above volunteering positions, please email us at

All volunteers receive a competitors pack and a ticket to the prize giving dinner and island night show.

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